Who We Are

We are a small and growing farming family, transitioning to civilian life after 22+ years in the military and "home based" out of Wright County, Missouri.  Traditional values of hard work, quality products, and good stewardship of our land are at the heart of what we do.  After 22 years of military service and 10 moves, we are happy to finally be settling down to call Wright County our "forever home" and it is our hope to build strong relationships with our neighbors in the community while faithfully serving all who God puts in our path.

Our Mission

Experiences in life have made it evident that a simple approach is often best.  Our farming operation centers around loving treatment of our animals and careful land management - without use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Our goal is to provide friends and neighbors with flavorful, nutritious, and responsibly raised products at a fair price.

What We Offer

Operations have started this year, but are limited until we conclude military service and leave the Miami, FL area in 2020.  We have contracted with an experienced rancher for 2019-2020, cooperatively raising grass-fed beef on our beautiful pastures for his own business.  This will allow us to learn the ropes over a full season while planning operations on the farm for later in 2020.  Until then, we have microgreens available for sale via private contract for local customers near Miami.

We are a Disabled Veteran Owned Family Farm!